Bathroom Lighting Tips

For good bathroom lighting, you need plenty of even, shadow-free lighting for shaving, grooming, and applying makeup. In small bathrooms, mirror lights will illuminate the entire room, but in larger bathrooms, an additional ceiling fixture is needed for general lighting. Talk to our lighting experts for more great bathroom lighting tips.

Look at tasks associated with different areas of your bathroom and assess whether you currently have enough light for activities like bathing, applying makeup and selecting clothes. It may be necessary to add direct lighting in those areas for increased visibility.

Check out new LED bath lighting fixtures. Vanity lights, wall lights and overhead lighting are all much more efficient now, and can produce significant savings.

bathroom lighting tipsBe sure to light tub and shower enclosures by placing an enclosed damp-location recessed downlight in the ceiling. These downlights are also recommended over whirlpool baths or in saunas. Today, recessed lights are not only functional, but decorative as well.

Bathroom Lighting TipsFixtures equipped with standard incandescent, xenon, or halogen bulbs behind glass globes provide the most flattering light. If you opt for more energy-efficient fluorescents, choose warm white tones. They come closet to the color of incandescents.

Bathroom Lighting TipsFor small mirrors, decorative wall brackets on each side will illuminate both sides of your face evenly. You can also mount a wall bracket accross the top of the mirror. A combination of the two will give you the most desirable light possible.